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    Calling all Explorers

    The new world is complex and uncertain.
    We can’t be sure in advance what will work to achieve our purpose. We need to learn more about this world and try things out.

    Our own perspective is partial.
    We need to bring people together to learn about each other’s view and build a bigger understanding.

    What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.
    We need to keep exploring.

    Do you hear the call to explore?

      In Members’ own words...


      "Neue Geo is my edge. I hear original thinking as it happens, where it happens."


      "Since becoming a member, I’m constantly thinking “WOW… I need to rethink everything.”

      Design Strategist

      "Somehow, this random gathering of strangers exploring new horizons together arrives at a destination worthy of reflection of what was previously unknown to them."

      Brave new conversations

      Some discoveries, we can only make together.

      Broaden perspectives, break frames, and make new maps with original thinkers from diverse fields of expertise and experience.

      Members get invited to a calendar of video- and audio- events designed to help you explore the world's most important questions together.

        Brave new audio

        Behind today’s billion headlines, there are a few timeless questions.

        Tune in to The Atlas Project Podcast and hear the clear signal through the noise.

        Gain insights to help you start the most important conversations that aren’t happening yet.

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