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Chris will help you accelerate original thinking, rethink perspectives, reframe challenges, and reimagine the future.

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Chris accepts 6-8 in-person engagements per year, and several virtual engagements, to spread Neue Geo's latest learnings. Audiences range from small-group gatherings of senior leaders to entire organizations and communities. His talks aim to accelerate original thinking at every level of your exploration and discovery, from the personal to the global.

Chris also helps senior leaders to ask better questions and bring original thinking to complex trends and events that affect their organizations, including: Artificial Intelligence, China, Blockchain, and the Future of Work. Clients include Unilever, BlackRock, UPS, NATO and other leading institutions around the world.

Chris is a keen supporter of nonprofit initiatives, to whom he brings the Society’s latest learnings at preferred rates.

What Audiences Say

Alex Trebek
Past Jeopardy! Host

"Chris is a remarkable visionary."

Rolls-Royce Plc.

“Chris blows our minds. Every person afterwards is able to talk about several or all aspects of the presentation with real intensity.”


“Truly original and thought-provoking. Chris tells us the things we’ve never heard before.”


Chris is the author (with Ian Goldin) of Age Of Discovery: Navigating The Storms Of Our Second Renaissance​, the international best-selling guide to the 21st century.

Now is humanity’s best moment. And our most fragile. The same forces that make big gains possible for some of us deliver big losses to others. And they tangle us together in ways that make everyone vulnerable.

In the face of all our crises, we can flourish. Age of Discovery shows us how.

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“Chris dares to ask -- and answer -- essential big questions.”

Christine Lagarde

President, European Central Bank

“A powerful journey. This book will help the world.”

Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

“A rich portrait. Insights for every emerging da Vinci.”

Reid Hoffman

Founder, LinkedIn

“Everyone should read it.”

Michael Spence

Nobel Laureate in Economics

“A remarkable act of both history and prophecy. Offers a gift of self-reflection that is indeed rare.”

Larry Brilliant

Past Executive Director,

More Audience Reactions


We had really high expectations and all of us really needed this day to be amazing. Chris really delivered and made this day one of—or maybe even the best—Global Product Developer Day so far.

He combines a vast knowledge together with a humble and curious attitude. He was a perfect match. Everybody was really energized and wanted to get to work immediately to create a tremendous movement across IKEA to see new things.”

UK Ministry of Defence

“Highly engaging, interesting and entertaining. Chris delivered insights on this complex topic in a way that was accessible to our audience of well-informed non-experts.

A difficult needle to thread, and Chris succeeded.

We all left the room with a better understanding of A.I. technology. More importantly, we left with a better grasp of how to lead our departments through the implications of A.I. adoption. We’ve since received numerous requests from across the Ministry for Chris to help other groups make the same journey.”

“Outstanding. Rich. Relevant. Unique. Chris gives us a profound sense of 'why'.

We work with a lot of inspiring thinkers and innovators but few are able to so effectively capture the attention of our diverse and sometimes divergent audience whilst connecting their individual perspectives to our shared purpose - and he can achieve it all in just 15 minutes.”

“Enthralling and enlightening.

One of the most interesting and thought-provoking keynotes that we make available to our most important global clients. Visionary and very inspiring.”

“Wonderful. Insightful. Humorous. Topical—and out of the realm of our normal addresses.

My board members are still talking about your remarks. I cannot recommend you enough to other groups. You were even more than I had hoped for. We are lucky that you are willing to spend time starting dialogues about how to predict the changes we may see.”

TED Talks

In 2019 Chris was invited by TED to rethink the whole social media debate.

He threw down a provocative gauntlet. Let social media run amok. What it breaks already needs fixing. At least now we can no longer ignore the real problem: our truths have become too simple and too weak. The solution isn’t to purge fake news from society. It’s to strengthen our truths.

Watch the talk and join the global search for stronger truths.

Watch the TED Talk

OxfordU Exec Ed

Chris also designs and delivers original workshops for senior leaders through the University of Oxford’s Executive Education programmes, ranked among the best in the world by the Financial Times.

If you are ready to embark on a next-level learning workshop with your leadership team, executive board, or investment committee, reach out to Chris directly to explore the possibilities.

What Else Are Audiences Saying?

“Chris astonishes. Not only with the way he delivers his thoughts, but also with the quality of their content and their relevance to the challenges modern society faces. A case of style and substance in equal measure.”

“We are being flooded with team messages saying how amazing the talk was so wanted to share that and again say a massive THANK YOU.”

“Chris is an absolute rockstar.”