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    Bring forth better ways

    Brave New Ways is your bi-monthly companion to help you guide the world to new possibilities.

    Get challenging rethinks, original questions, and fresh perspectives to help you help others arrive somewhere new on important topics.

    Fuel your own genius. Spark it in your network. Create momentum to explore bravely at every level — personal, interpersonal, at work and in society.

    Regular features include:
    Think again

    An original piece of deep inquiry to fuel your genius and help you foster breakthrough thinking.

    rare perspectives

    Meet brave thinkers from every field. Nurture new perspectives in your mental garden.

    Opportunities for action

    Get clear signposts to turn insight into action: for yourself, organizations and society.

    COUNT Again

    Revise your assumptions in the face of statistical reality.


    Unsettle your status quo in the best possible way. Spark brave new conversations at home, work and in the world.

    Explorers' gym

    Learn the latest methods from across the Society to help you navigate a complex world together.

    Readers say...

    Sophia, Health Industry Innovator

    Every edition of Brave New Ways is fresh and provocative, pushing past the noise to draw me into a sustained dialogue. This is writing that challenges me to stop inhaling information and instead to make sense of it.  

    With a lateral view across disciplines from politics, history, economics to A.I, BNW illuminates patterns and unexpected relationships that shake me out of complacency. 

    Gird yourself with new tools for critical thought. Challenge your paradigms. Exhale, sink your teeth in and feel yourself expand into a world of possibilities. I'll see you there!

    More readers say...

    TEDxFrankfurt Organizer

    I enjoy Brave New Ways very much. The topics are very well curated and resonate with me.

    I very much like the writing style so I am big fan of that — plus all the original sketches along the way are super-helpful. I am a visual person and can remember pictures!


    Brave New Ways gives me new ways to understand what I think and new ways to think altogether. Which is rare (in both senses - it is unusual and special).

    I have been thinking about how maps work (and don’t work) for nearly thirty years and yet Brave New Ways gives me a new take on how maps and territories relate as technology changes. Illuminating and enlivening. 

    Community Architect

    Brave New Ways invites you to pause and rethink.

    It's filled with useful tools to help you elevate your perspectives. I even have some one-liners from the newsletter on a sticky note to remind me to stay curious in my work. You'll be grateful for this gem when it hits your inbox.

    Creative Agency Founder

    Brave New Ways has quickly become to my go-to email newsletter.

    I find it brings refreshingly unique and expansive perspectives that are grounded at the same time. The content is sure to get you thinking in new ways about things both new and familiar.

    Mindset Coach

    Every Edition of Brave New Ways is thorough, well-thought-out and keeps complex matters as simple as possible.

    My mind instantly gets stimulated and I find myself excited for the next opportunity to connect with other members of this community. Looking forward to more!


    Amazing. Brave New Ways helps me start deep conversations with my followers, and they love showing up for them.

    Get invitations to brave exploration

    Brave New Ways is also your one-stop summary of new and upcoming  articles, events, podcasts, videos and experiences across the Society.

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    New subscribers get exclusive access to the final chapter of the international bestseller Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance.

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